Over coming long term problems

Human beings in this world are colliding together since the irreversible damage cause by these so called humans. Some of the important steps should be taken to overcome these problems. One of the major steps is “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”.  In an unusual joint statement, the Royal Society of London and the U.S National Academy of Sciences concurred:
The future of our planet is in the balance one. Sustainable development can be achieved, but only if irreversible degradation of the environment can be halted in time. The next 30 years may be crucial.
 Human Population always has been a sense of destruction in this world. World Wide the species of different plants and animals are declining. Frogs, Penguins, Polar beers and other many animals are declining. Every hour we are adding 8000 people to our number and never thought about the carrying capacity of the Earth and our future generations. There are two great interrelated challenges, overpopulation and deforestation which must be overcome to prevent this mother Earth from being gone. Earlier in this century, forests covered about 40% of this Earth’s total land. In this century it may be just 30%. These destruction of these forests lead to green house effects and irreversible damage of so that it can hamper to environment.
                                                           SO “GO GREEN”

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