E-business status in Nepal

E-business is providing avenues for people to take on the role of business individuals.In recent years,the Nepali online community has seen growth in sites that helps people or business companies to directly purchase and sell varieties of products online at home.

Among the many,munchahouse.com was launched in April 2000 where in 2008 it launched its wing bazaar.com.np with a motto of promoting others business i.e. buying and selling things.To get involve into the digital business of these sites you need to register an account free.The site even provides selling of old or second hand items.The seller should provide the description, recent condition of goods,photographs and price of the respective items.Besides these sites there are many other sites like hamrobazaar.com, nepbay.com and gadgiz.com to provide online business to people.For customers easy these sites have developed categories of items like health,books,mobile,video games,travel etc which helps customers to choose what sorts of product they want.

According to these sites, they do not charge any amount from customers for providing service and sustain through the advertisements published in websites.The concept of online buying and selling of goods is slowly catches up by Nepali people with these sites.And in coming future where will Nepali online business point, time will tell about it.We hope every Nepali people will understand the term "E-business" in coming future.

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