Merits And Demerits Of Tourism

Tourism industry is one of the best source of national economy.In context of Nepal it is the backbone of national income.Presently we are celebrating VISIT LUMBINI YEAR 2012 and last year we celebrated VISIT NEPAL YEAR 2011 with a motto of increasing number of tourists and place to visit in Nepal.This industry is also helpful for the protection of social and cultural norms and values.

There are some merits as well as some demerits of tourism.It is the source of national economy.It has provided job opportunity to many jobless.Our country and its natural beauty are recognised,spreaded and remembered throughout the world.Our cultural norms and values are spreaded throughout the world.Our land is the BIRTH PLACE OF GAUTAM BUDDHA who is the light of Asia and founder of Buddhism.We too have many other religious places which will be promoted in foreign countries.We get donations from developed countries for various developmental works.Different international companies are interested to promote the heath condition of our country.

Similarly,tourism do have some demerits.Many tourists come here for illegal purpose.They are involved in illegal works like killing animals and export and import of protected herbs.Our young generation are attracted to western culture and lifestyle which has created many problems in the country.The country will be dependent for foreign aid.

As compared to demerits there are more merits which can overcome the demerits.Hence it is our duty to help tourism industry grow bigger and advance.Effective plans and policies are needed to develop our country as tourists center.


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