New loadshedding schedule,Loadshedding In Nepal,80 hours per week

loadshedding schedule by nepalic
Nepal Electricity Authority(NEA) made a decision,80 hours power cut per week which was started from falgun 2.Before it was 88 hour per week where it reduced 8 hours loadshedding.

"Due to water accumulation in Kulekhani hydropower and other measures to reduce leakage,we have reduced load shedding by 8 hours a week,"said, Chiranjibi paudel,Cheif Load Dispatch centre,NEA.Winter rainfall last week increased the water level at kulekhani and NEA decision to increase water use has increased production."we have been trying to reduce power cuts through management of available electricity because we cannot increase power production instantly,"said paudel.

NEA also decided to increase load shedding hours by an extra hour each day in areas where leakage is 35 to 40 percent.Earlier,it had increased extra hours only in those areas with above 40 percent leakage.Now onwards,areas with 35 to 40 percent leakage will have to face one hour extra load shedding,40 to 50 per cent-two hours,50 to 60 per cent-three hours,60 to 70 per cent-four hours and above 70 percent-five hours.

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