Nepali movies will focus adult audience,Chandrawati another controversial movie,Chandrawati coming soon

The success of ‘Chapali Height‘ in box office and the success of similar themed previous movie ‘Palpalma’ have provided Nepali producers an news insight: an adult themed movie does a good business in Nepal. Following the same trend, another Nepali movie ‘Chandrawati’ is also set to be released bearing an adult certificate.
Director Raju Giri’s upcoming movie ‘Chandrawati’ commenced its shooting some 10 months ago. During that time, it was publicized as a movie made on a story of war and a love story of an army and princess. At that time, there was no talk about adult scenes in the movie. Fast-forward, ten month: scenario has changed a lot. All conventional movies have flopped and the only the ones that have succeeded are either unconventional movies or made on sex-themes. An ‘adult certificate’ from the censor board has more than once proved to be a sign of success for the movie. It seems, movie makers are now trying hard to get such certificate by adding sex-scenes in the movie.

It was not only an adult certificate, ‘Chapali Height’ has also taught another important lesson for the movie marketers: conflict between crew members. A conflict or clash between producer/director and the actress of the movie has also proved to be beneficial in the success of a movie. A recent news about a cold war between Chandrawati’s director Raju giri and its actress Shashi Khadka seems more like staged to benefit from the similar case of ‘Chapali Height’ than a genuine problem. The reason of the problem was stated that, the director included a bed scene in the movie without taking the permission of the actress. The actress, Sashi, even threatened to go to the court for justice. Raju Giri has however told that the scene is the ‘backbone of the movie’ and has it is a significant part of the movie.
The influence of ‘Chapali Height’ in ‘Chandrawati’ movie seems somehow cheap. In the past, movie makers didn’t use to publicized their movie as an adult movie. But the time has changed now and the movie makers are now more focused on bed scenes and to obtain an adult certificate from the censor board. In addition, a controversy with the actress on sex related scene seems so much a copy-paste strategy influenced by Chapali height’s poster case.

When adult scenes start to become the ‘backbone of the movie’ and a movie relies much on a scene rather than the whole movie, the future doesn’t seem that bright in my opinion. I am wondering, if the viewers will go to theater just for bed scenes or kissing scenes.

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