Axe band Concert at New Baneshowr, Jyoti : Light to Life Programme,Kings College,Kathmandu,Nepal

Kings College the college Located in Baneshowr has taken a social work initiative and opened a non-profit organization named Jyoti :Light to Life. The Students of this college are now promoting Bhardeu Village which is just 25 kilometers away from Kathmandu and are supporting the children of Bhardeu Village. As
a student from I myself is feeling that i am proud to be a Nepali. We are also Promoting Internal tourism of Bhardeu Village. The Organisation was firstly established by Mr Roshan Jung Thapa, co-ordinator of A-Level at King's College.
Principal of Kings College Mr.Narrottam Aryal
The Programme was organized itself organized by we students of Kings College. Mr.Narottam Aryal gave a brief introduction and summarized by saying that we are Nepal and we should unite for the sake of our Nation. 
The Show was Concluded by Concerts by Axe Band and various Dance and Fashion Shows.

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