Cell Phones Causes Brain Tumors And Genetic Mutations,Effects of Cellphones

Many scientists, such as the Swedish researchers, have found constant exposure to cell phone radiation can create cancerous brain cells and adverse genetic mutations in humans. In January 2007, the London-based Institute of Cancer Research and several other universities in Britain reported their results from a four-year study involving 1966 people with brain tumors and 1,716 healthy respondents.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA in 2003 found that Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR, waves sent by cell phones are more powerful currents, than reported earlier by the cell phone manufacturers. "Very high levels of electromagnetic radiation, such as is found in X-rays and gamma rays, can ionize biological tissues," said the FDA's report. "The energy levels associated with Electromagnetic (EMR) Radiation frequency, including both radio waves and microwaves, are great enough to cause the ionization of atoms, genes and molecules in human body tissues."

Cell-phone manufacturers, service providers and researchers are still in the labs trying to determine the answer to what is the safe way of using cell phone? In the meantime, more neutral experts recommend using cell phone as less as possible, or not at all.

The recommended use of a headset to minimize exposure to Electromagnetic (EMR) Radiation waves is a myth, in fact headsets increase cell phone radiation substantially.

One universal warning is to avoid so-called "Electromagnetic (EMR) Radiation blocking products", many of which have not been proven to work at blocking electromagnetic radiation at all. In 2002, the Federal Trade Commission charged two companies, Stock Value 1 of Boca Raton, FL, and Comstar Communications of Sacramento, CA, of making false claims that their EEB products could shield people from potentially dangerous waves. The products were called "SafeTShield," "NoDanger," "WaveShield," "WaveShield 1000," and "WaveShield 2000," which you place on your cell phone's ear or mouthpiece to allegedly keep the radio waves away from your head.

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