Gaijatra in Nepal, Kathmandu valley celebrating gaijatra today, How is gaijatra in Nepal this year?

Gaijatra is the festival of cows.Gai is known as cow and jatra is known as festival in Nepal. This festival is basically celebrated in Kathmandu valley by the Newar community. This festival celebrates the death of people during the year. In this festival, cows are at a steady pace in the streets. It lies in the Srawan month of Nepali and August - September in Gregorian. This festival is very famous festival in Nepal.Gaijatra festival is has its own indicates ,in ancient period of time people anxiety and worship Yamraj is " The God Of Death ".This festival is ruled by Malla King.Recent type of Gaijatra festival came into tradition in the medieval age. According to ancient age since time by memory, every family who had last one relative during the past year must take participate in a procession through the streets of Kathmandu leading a cow. If a cow is not available a young boy dressed as a cow is considered as a fair substitute.

 In Hinduism, a cow is regarded as a most respect among all the domestic animals. It is believe that the cow, revered as a holy animal in Hindu will help the deceased relative's journey to heaven. According to Malla period King Pratap Malla lost his son, his wife, The Queen remained quite disturb. The King was very sad to see this condition of his adorable Queen. The King in spite of several efforts couldn't lessen the grief of his wife. By all means he wanted to see a little smile on the lips of his sweetheart. He announced that everyone made the Queen laugh would be rewarded. During this festival Gaijatra,the cow procession was brought before the grief stricken Queen. Then the participants began ridiculing and befooling the essential people of the society. At last, when the social injustice and other evils were highlight and attacked mercilessly, the Queen couldn't stop smiling. The Queen laughed and King Pratap Malla instituted a tradition of including jokes, satire, mockery, and lampoon in Gaijatra day's .After the occasion is filled with songs and jokes, mockery and humor of every kind became the order of the day until late evening. This festival is good festival which enables the people to accept the reality of death one to prepare themselves for the life after death. By Hinduism" Whatever a man does as good as bad in his lifetime is a preparation to lead a good life, after death, so that whatever men in a lifetime do only the good thing happening in a lifetime.

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