What I saw in the capital of Nepal and what’s its future

When I first came to our capital I was so happy as well as curious to know about this city. After some days from the day of arrival to this city I visited Ratna Park, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Dharahara and different other places with my friends of my hometown. At my first visit I didn’t saw waste and sewage or say I didn’t notice about them because I had never step my foot in this busiest town.
After some days I was admitted to do bridge course on A-levels. I had to go New Baneshwor (heart of Nepal) to take the class. Each day I travelled by Micro Van and I started to dislike this city because of Traffic Jams and Wastes and Sewages thrown near the road. Another fact of this city is there is no good service of public vehicles. I never got chance to take a sit on those micro’s during my classes travel. I am facing this problem even nowL. During my bridge course time we visited different places and one I remember (never forget) is a visit to the central zoo of Nepal located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur with my friends Happy (Shishir) and Bihwal. Now I am studying A-levels at Kings College.
ktm map
I have read in News papers that in 10 years Kathmandu will be the center of attraction for the tourist. It would be no less beautiful city than Singapore and many other cities in the world. You will not see single dust particles in the road and the rivers will be clean, fresh and green. Those people who use mask in the riverside will make houses there. The city will be controlled by CCTV cameras and traffic jams will be minimized by making fly over, sky bridges, underground roads and subways and managed parking. Industries and big colleges will be out of the ring road on the hills. Metro Rails will be started to provide transportation for the residential. The city will be green and the roads will be wide. And there is good news for lovers i.e. a greenery park will be made for the lovers so that you (we) can kiss our love freely and express our love to them (good news for me:p). After I read this news I thought it’s a dream and dreams are never reality but what the reality is I shall be talking in next paragraph.
Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has nominated Mr. Keshab Esthapit as the chairperson of Kathmandu Valley Development Council this year. Mr. Esthapit had already left his image while he was a mayor of this city. In his active participation and from Dr. Bhattarai’s support the active traffic police have started the road widening campaign in the city and its heading like a rocket. Chinese government have started to make fly over in four different places in the city and widening the ring road. Mr. Esthapit on his first day of taking the responsibility told that he was looking around for a greenery park where everyone can enjoy peace and fresh oxygen and the park will be especially made for lovers. The study for the Railway service has completed and government is looking for donor countries to manage economy for this project. At old baneshwor there will be underground road by Nepal Government. The work has begun to make the city green and really our Kathmandu. It is estimated to be finished on 2076 B.S (2020 A.D). Let’s support to make our capital the beautiful capital of the world and we can be proud of ourselves. Don’t say to stop this campaign because you are having trouble today, also look your happy tomorrow.
[Fact: It is estimated time only; we know what our Nepali time says. It says 2080 B.S. Isn’t it? :D]

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