Did you know Humans can breathe under water?

New discoveries of scientists has opened the possibility that in a few decades a man will be able to dive without any extra funding, which would sent all oxygen bottles in 'retirement'.These are experiments of
bioengineers, who found theway for a man to freelybreathe under water, and explained that in the future could occur that a human DNA can be linked with the DNA of marine algae. In the purpose of this study was conducted an experiment that involved a symbiosis of salamanders and algae which
produce oxygen. This combination was successful in the sense that these two are being connected to each other after the experiment, which proved that there may be a successful symbiosis between plants and vertebrates. Of course, future studies will focus on the development of this process, so that one day it could be used on humans. In this way, a human could be under water could use some of the skills that all algae have, which would become a source of oxygen for humans.

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