Chhath frestival is being celebrated today all over Nepal,Chhath puja 2012

Chhath festival is being celebrated today in all over Nepal with more ho in terai region of Nepal.Chhath festival has its own history in the Hindu culture.Chhath puja is performed on kartika Shukala Shashti, which is the sixth day of the month of kartik in the Hindu calendar. This falls typically in the month of October or November in the English calendar.In this festival mostly women take fasting the previous day and they pray for sun GOD in the bank of river.In Kathmandu chhath puja is celebrated in the banks of river. Ranipokhari,Gaurighat,Koteshowr,Kirtipur  are some of the locations where chhath puja 2012 will be celebrated today. Happy Chhath 2012 to you all.

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