Problem with GSM provider Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom's Mobile service went wrong way yesterday at 4 pm to 6pm. The phone incoming and outgoing was totally disturbed and it was sent to wrong numbers i.e mobile phones. One of my friend called his friend out of Kathmandu valley and during his call he and his friend both heard some slang words spoken by other caller which was directed to their numbers because of some technical problems in their network.
Suddenly, the call was ended and my friend got a message that she was upset with his words( slang word she heard on her phone.) And as soon as we got the message, my friend and me tried to find out what the hell was happening? I, then called to his number, again we heard other callers talk.
Then we called to 1498 customer care center to inform about this problem but we even had problem calling there. Even when the call was accepted we could hear the ringing of phone calls done by other callers, sounds like "oe Rajesh, oe Rajesh". We were able to inform the problem to Nepal Telecom after a long try.
However this is not the first time we are facing these problems with Nepal Telecom's network. I then thought that incase of his friend if it was his parents then what would happen? What would happen if it was his girlfriend? We hope Nepal Telecom will take this problem seriously and make a better Network in near future.

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