Advertise Your Product or Brand

You can advertise in Nepalic Blog in three different ways:

# Text Link Advertisement:

Text Link Advertisement is available in three different places. The text on the link should not exceed 50 characters.
  • Sidebar - Rs. 1,500/month
  • Above or below post body - Rs. 1,500/month
  • Footer - Rs.1,000/month
# Banner Advertisement:

Banner advertisements are available for four different places. Price and banner size will be described below.
1. Sidebar: We provide advertising in sidebar in three different banner sizes.
  • 125*125 - Rs. 2,500/month
  • 300*90 - Rs. 3,000/month
  • 300*150 - Rs. 5,000/month
2. Above or below post body: Banner Size ( 500*200) - Rs. 5,000/month

3. Footer: We provide footer advertisement in two different banner sizes. 
  • 300*90 - Rs. 2500/month
  • 300*150 - Rs. 4,000/month 
4. Just below menu bar: This is the biggest banner ad in our website. The banner will be placed just below the menu bar of our blog. We have fixed the size to be 1000*60. It is available for Rs.7000/month. The banner will be placed inside the yellow marking as shown in the image below.

# Banner Exchange or Banner Sharing (Free)

We are looking forward for exchanging banners with the bloggers. If you wanna show your banner in our blog then you have to make your banner of size 300*90.

[ For additional information and payment options contact Amir Khadka. ]


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