A biography on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

In this article I am talking about a man who was a great lover and composer of music. He brought a drastic change in western classical music and he was also a convincer for the people to compose music. His name itself sounds musical because of his effort in bringing up music to this level. He gave a great contribution to the music world. Now let’s talk about him and what he did.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756, in a small city Salzburg in Austria. His father was Leopold Mozart and he was himself a composer of music. Wolfgang was a child with mighty talent.
In 1762, his father took both children (including Wolfgang) and they played music there. Wolfgang was good at playing violin. He started to compose songs when he was six. He was good at western classical music. Wolfgang found his inner talent when he was six and his father took great care of him and helped him a lot. Then he became very talented and famous. Then when he was thirteen, he was given the responsibility of concert master. His love and passion towards music was great, and he made a great contribution to humanity. His last song “The magic flute” was absolutely mind blowing and fabulous. He composed many operas, symphonies, songs and dances. His music and songs have a haunting melody.
Finally, he died at the age of 35 in 1791. His death was a great curse to music. So, we should try to find ours inner talent and use it in a right way. Lets self evaluate ourselves and find our inner talent.

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