What steps can be taken to overcome world hunger today?

More and more it is coming to light that the world is an abundant place; that there is no shortage of basic necessities. Much more has been done in recent years, and is still being done, to create abundance all around. The time is not far away when no one will ever be hungry in the world, unless he chooses to fast.
The first thing that is happening without engineering apparently is migration. People learn more about other countries and about the opportunities present in them and they are quick to seize them. People from overcrowded countries are moving in. This relieves the overcrowded countries and helps the one with small population. Awareness or giving education about modern techniques of forming, somehow, relieves the starving people and can join their hand to mouth. Over population is a related problem to this.
Different types of resources are available in different parts of the world. In the Middle East countries they have oil which is in demand throughout the world, and they have enough land too, but the people just sell oil and don’t plant crops. If they would plant crops, it would not be a problem of hunger.
If we see that some parts of the world, which are not fertile, are suffering from hunger while some parts, with fertile soil, don’t have enough manpower to farm it. We wonder at what is preventing this redistribution rules again and man made ones.
The last point that can remove world hunger is education. Cultural barriers and religious reasons put of thousands of years ago are serving to starve the people. Hydroponics, or the method of soil less farming, has made farming available to even near desert lands. It is a single process whereby instead of planting on soil, plants are grown in a solution which contains all nutrients that the plants require. Hydroponics allow vegetables to grow better, faster, taster and bigger. Moreover it is easy to control insects and other pests. The amount of land used is also much less than in ordinary farming and farming is even possible in multi-stoyered buildings. The sea is too being farmed.
The modern and intensive methods of farming have certainly come a long way these last few decades. No, doubt that the problem of hunger will be brought to heel soon. The important point that is made is that drastic problems must be solved with drastic solutions. The petty little eye-wash methods being carried out under big publicity are absolute wastes of time and effort and solve few of the real problems. World hunger is a big problem, too big to be solved with half hearted and small efforts.

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