Bol Bom in Nepal, Hindu people fasting on the day of Bol Bom, A journey to Bol Bom

Last Sunday I went to sundarijal with the other Bol Bom travelers. We left Nayabasti at 8 pm. We went on and after some few minutes we reached Jorpati Chowk. There were many friends like me who were going to Sundarijal with yellow colored dresses. I loved to look at those people who were devoted to god at that young age. This made me feel like I must go Bol Bom.
All the travelers were inside the bus and there was not even a small space to keep our legs. So I stood near the door and went all through the way to Sundarijal. I was so happy that moment because I wished to visit Sundarijal from the day I came Kathmandu. I even did not had my meal.
Worshippers at Pashupatinath temple
The history of Bol Bom is far so long from the time of Gods and Goddess. In Nepal people go Bol Bom to Shiva Mandirs and worship there by the water they brought from different rivers. To go Bol Bom in Pashupatinath temple you have to bring water(Jal) from Sundarijal. The "Jal" must be from the same day i.e. monday the day of fasting. If they bring the water on Sunday or lets say if they fill the bottle on Sunday the "Jal" will be recognized as "Basi". Many foreigners who follow hinduism come to Nepal this month to go Bol Bom including Indians.

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