Weight Losing Methods,Three most extreme weight loss methods,How to lose your weight

 Here we are giving you the 3 most extreme weight loss methods.

 Getting Urine Injections: It is a process of injecting urine from a  pregnant women along with a radical 500 calorie per day diet.One Weight loss counselor  who offers the program said it's not the urine, but the  hormone in it that takes off the pounds.

Having Sex Burns calories: It is scientifically proved that having sex burns calories made in body and helps to lose your weight. It is found that having Sex burns nearly about 500 calories a session.The world's heaviest living woman is burning 500 calories by having sex with her ex-husband.

Using a Nasogastric dripping tube: It is a process which involves putting food into your body through the nose,using the dripping tube.As part of the diet, dieters have to get a small Nasogastric tube inserted into their nose going all the way to the stomach, through which a liquid solution drips constantly.


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