Latest Load shedding Schedule By NEA

Load shedding is a great problem to our country Nepal. We couldn't run factories, do house hold activities that needs electricity and so on without electricity. Although Nepal is the second highest richest water resources country in the world. In recent days we faced load shedding up to 14-15 hours a day. Nowadays Nepal Electricity Authority is decreasing the time of load shedding. NEA is helping people by providing the schedule of Load shedding. I am here with the latest schedule for seven groups both in image and PDF format.

Load shedding schedule effective from 2069-11-28(Falgun 28)

Load shedding in Image Format

If you don't know your group then here we have snaps of the places which are categorized in different groups. Groups are differentiated in two different ways; one for Kathmandu valley and next for the remaining places. In some places Nepal Electricity develops its own schedule for example on highly industrial areas like Duhabi, Hetauda and so on.

Groups Classified For Kathmandu Valley !
Group Classified outside Kathmandu Valley !

People have different likes and it may be on anything from gadget to software and even formats of data. Some may not love image format so I have also included PDF format of the recent load shedding schedule with groups which can be downloaded either from our server or from Nepal Electricity Authority's server.

If you need any more information feel free to ask us from the comment box below. I hope this post have helped you in some aspect. Enjoy your life to the fullest !

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