Mac like theme Noia Fox, a firefox add-on

Nowadays I have become crazy making my web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and so on; look beautiful and unique from its default view. In this mission I was checking the add-on page of Firefox and I found a theme named Noia Fox which will change Firefox like a mac browser and I have been using some crazy horse fire theme on chrome :) You can open add-on page in your Firefox by Ctrl+Shift+A key or simply go to left top of your browser and click there, you will find add-on link in the second column.

What are the good things on Noia Fox?
  • look like Mac O.S.
  • simple and Clean
  • good background colour
  • and finally attractive
Preview of add-on page on Noia Fox Theme

Now you are on the add-on page, you can search for the desired theme or add-on from the search bar on the right top of the add-on page. Search for Noia Fox and then click on install. The browser will automatically start downloading the file. After you finish downloading the theme will be automatically started for setup, you just have to click yes and next and you are done with the new browser.
Don't forget to share your opinions about this add-on after using/trying it friends!

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