Local SEO tips, Increasing traffic and Ranking high on search engines

It is a fact that every day thousands of blogs and websites are started on internet and each one of them are doing their best to reach the top level. If your website URL is shown on first page of every search engine then your website is SEO friendly, frequently updated and popular on internet.
 Many professional blogs provide SEO tips and tricks to upgrade your blog quality, some might charge and some might not. But most of them are long and the process is hard. Today I will share some easy steps which you have to follow for getting your blog on first page of Google search.

  • Local SEO Tips

      Local SEO means optimizing your site and promoting it to local level. Not every blog and websites are global, some are established for local level or national level. If you are trying to attract local traffic then you have to focus on using local keywords from Google. If your article is about Students Scholarship in Kathmandu then you can use keywords like free study in Nepal, scholarship to students, 100% academic scholarship, graduate free on our college etc.
     For more information and tactics please watch the video below:

  • Increasing Blog Traffic

    Earning bucks from blog is only possible if you have unique and generic visitors to your website. I will be talking about some ways to increase traffic to your blog and help you earn good from the blogging job.
  1.  Update your blog with unique and generic content and the latest development and happenings in the field of your blogging niche.
  2.  Comment in similar and other blogs for promoting your blog link and get traffic from other blogs and blog admins.
  3. Sharing link with other bloggers will help increase your blog traffic.
  4. Your blog must contain some articles that are searched forever because these are the post which will help you during your busy days.
  5. Don't take the comments and reply of visitors lightly, take your time to reply all the users feedback.
  6. Domain name also have great impact on blog's traffic. Get a top level domain name for your blog and check if you see any changes in your blog stats.
Let me know if these tips work on you or not. I will be posting more articles on SEO and Website Traffic on future. See you soon.

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  1. mero website nigesh ko traffic kasari badaune.....

  2. Nigesh,
    First you should make your website/blog SEO friendly with proper description and keywords.
    Submit your blog on different search engines (This will help alot) if you haven't done yet.
    Update content in your blog regularly.
    I hope this might help!


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