Top 3 Bulk Email Service, Review On Best Three Bulk Email Service

Bulk Email Service is a software or web-based mail service which is used for sending email in large quantities. It is mostly used to send bulk email to our contact list. Some common features all the bulk emailing services provide are (Source - Wikipedia):
  •  Built in Email Templates
  • Social Media integration
  • Contact Management to include Subscriber List Management (including unsubscribing)
  • Sign-up/Opt-in email forms, and List Segmentation
  • Reports to include Open Ratio, Click Through Ratio, Sharing, soft and hard Bounce Rate, 
  • Forwarded Emails(email forwarding)
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Auto Responders
  • Split-Testing
  • Double opt-in email while Opt-In is not a requirement for CAN-SPAM compliance. Opt-in is required by law in many European countries and elsewhere. It turns out that confirmed opt-in is the only way that you can prove that a person actually opted in, if challenged legally.
 Bulk email service is mainly used by those who have to promote their products directly with large number of contacts. It is even used as a Newsletter by pro bloggers and news companies. It is also used for marketing materials,customer correspondence or sharing other documents. This service will help grow the products of the companies rapidly than a human mail sender, some staffs will be less in the company and the work is done more accurately with reports.
I have analyzed some Bulk Email Service providers and concluded the best three among them but it really was a hard task for me because every one of them got some unique features in them. These three are best in reporting the sent mail, low price,managing contacts and more. Here are the three best Bulk Email Service providers currently:

  1. iContact

     Among all others, iContact is the best among the best Bulk Email Service providers. Some of the notifiable features of them are:
    • Easy to use, no need to train for using it
    • Easy-to-understand tracking and reporting
    • Clean attractive templates
    • Good Price according to service quality
    • Good Support center and phone support services (Award winning support and service)
    • Free for 30 days
  2. SendBlaster

    The features of SendBlaster includes the following:
    • Great templates and flexible design
    • More features in SendBlaster Pro version of the software than the free
    • Lifetime license
    • And many more features which you can check here.
  3. AWeber

    AWeber is aslo an amazing Bulk Email Service provider. It has many features and some of them are listed below:
    • Expert Customer support
    • Auto Responder follow up
    • Drag and drop editor
    • Managing Subscribers
    • Email Marketing API
    • And obviously affordable price.
Let us know if my choice didn't satisfy what you were searching for. And if you need any help for selecting the best Bulk Email Service provider than remember us.

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