How to register domain for free; step by step guide

Registering a domain is just some few clicks and 3 to 4 documents requirement process. Its so easy and simple that everyone can have free domain of their own with extensions. Be it for blogging, content creation or plain bragging rights, owning a personal domain name is a luxury. For your information, .np ccTLD domain registration service is provided by Mercantile Communication in Nepal for free.

First visit and check the availability of domain name of your choice.

Requirement to register free domain

To register a free domain, we need the following documents:

  • Official (government provided) document related to the domain name you are requesting.
  • Domain request Cover Letter/Application signed by the applicant.
  • Domain Name Server Address.

1. Required (Government) Official document :

First, You will need a supporting document related to earlier availability check of your desired domain name. You can use Nepalese citizenship, Passport, or Driving license to request the domain of your name. For organisational domain (, you will need company registered documents PAN/VAT or other documents as per requirement of domain name. The image file must not be greater than 200KB, so to make the registration process smooth, compress the image documents like citizenship both sides and cover letter from different image compressing tools available on internet.

2. Domain request cover letter :

For the registration process, you will need an image format of your cover letter requesting hostmaster at to register your desired domain name. For organisational domain( names, you need to make an image format of request letter written on your "Company Letter Pad" to register domain. For personal domain you can easily make your cover letter from different cover letter generator websites.

Generate Your Cover Letter Here : .np Cover Letter Generator

3. Domain Name Server Address

In simple terms, Domain Name Server addresses are the special address that points your domain name to the hosting server you are using. Domain Name Server is also called DNS or Name Server. Also you can host your domain on free DNS provider just like from "". If you don't get what it is, then just simply apply two nameservers "" and "" by and after the registration of domain, simply register your account on that freedns provider.

Let's go through the registration process:

Register as a User

On the right side of your screen, look for the 'User Login' option. Type in your credentials and login (that is, if you're already a user, otherwise 'Create User').

Apply new domain

Using the 'Apply new domain' section, apply for a new domain of your name. The name can be yours, or the individual's/organisation's that you're applying for.

Register Now

In the next window, use the 'Register now' button to apply for the domain name. In the following window, you should see your domain name written in a new form.

Below the domain name, type in the name servers. For hosting on "" freedns, point your nameserver as;

Primary Name Server :

Secondary Name Server :

On next step, fill in your details in the Administrative contact form.

Note : The labels assigned with an asterisk, "*", are mandatory to be filled. Do not skip them.

For the 'Technical contact' form, choose the 'Copy administrative contact' option as shown below.

After you've filled up the form, click 'Save and continue' for further process.

Submitting Documents

After you've saved your contact details in the form, you'll be proceeded to a new window to submit essential documents.

For an individual's domain name, you need to submit scanned images of your citizenship and a hand-written/generated cover letter.

For an organisation's domain name, you need to submit scanned image of the company's registration certificate and a cover letter on organisation letter pad.

After uploading the images, click the 'Request domain' button that appears at the end of the form.

Then, you'll be redirected to your dashboard where you can check the status of your domain application.

It can take 2-3 working days for your request to be processed. If you have followed all the steps mentioned above and have read the terms and conditions, your application will likely be approved and you will see it listed under 'Active domain' section as shown below.

In case your domain request is rejected, retrace the above steps and make sure you have followed all the conventions. If problems still persists feel free to share with us, we will be of some help.

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